October 13, 2017


David Edgerton, a quick introduction

“The Edge in Houston Real Estate” Commitment to customer service and client success! It’s important to put myself in my client’s shoes and understand their real estate goals, learning how buying and selling a home will get them there. What I’ve found is that my clients appreciate my assistance putting their vision into focus and creating their “game plan.” Monitoring that plan and anticipating their needs is my top priority. Being a successful REALTOR® in the greater Houston area requires accountability and clear communication. Having an agent by your side that can navigate the contracts, negotiate terms, and oversee the closing process are critical. My ultimate goal is to help others succeed.

Born and raised in Houston, with an accounting degree (BBA) from the University of Houston. Became fascinated with real estate after the financial meltdown of 2008 as a tool for a more stable return on investment and leveraged cash on cash returns in the rental market. Now work as a full-time Realtor using my analytical and customer service skills for Realty Associates.

Please contact David Edgerton if you have any questions about the real estate market in Houston. I look forward to serving you.

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My goal is to provide great customer service.

No sales pitch – it’s all about helping people.

My job as your agent is all about listening and communication, and to make sure you find your dream home.

I love working with new clients so contact me today!